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WAY-FM Mobile App




The difference between “just listening to” and really enjoying your music is the way in you which do it. The brand new WAY-FM Mobile App is an auditory, tactile, and visual experience. It brings the entire WAY world into your pocket, just a fingertip away.

  • The music is crystal clear because we use high quality aac compression, and it plays in the background.
  • The look is inviting and friendly, easy to understand and fun to use.
  • You can tell your friends on Facebook and Twitter what you’re hearing.
  •  You can ask for prayer.
  • You can listen to Wally.

You can do all of this, and more, with just a touch.

The brand new WAY-FM Mobile app. Download it today. Your ears, hands, brain, and phone will thank you.

How to get the new mobile app:

  1. Remove the old WAY-FM app from your iDevice.
  2. Search for "WAY-FM Mobile" in the app store, or just follow this link.
  3. Download and install the brand new app.
  4. Enjoy!